Watch the fourth song of the album captured at the historic Bensousan Han; _aremu rindinneddha

pausis. a secret form of communication

A parallel form of expression behind the obvious, the unseen point where all the forms of communication (dialogue, sounds, gestures, writing) add and express something higher than their sum.

Pausis is an ancient world music ensemble with live performances and collaborations around the world, such as the Archaeological Museum of Nicosia (Cyprus), Museum of Byzantine Culture (Greece), Pirenostrum festival (Spain), Ville Grecque Kerylos Museum (France), et cetera.

It is a work in progress, constantly experimenting with new sounds and musical instruments, both ancient and modern. In PAUSIS’s first album, released in summer 2022, you will hear the ancient Greek lyre, electronics, an Armenian duduk, beats, a violin, a sitar, piano, percussion, double bass, and a series of multi-cultural vocalists.

Watch a live performance of the fifth song; _metamorphosis

pausis’s first album will be released soon

With the unconditional support of the LUTHIEROS Music Instruments and the SEIKILO Ancient World Music Channel, PAUSIS will release its first album in summer 2022. Get in touch to stay tuned!Channel

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